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We select Premium quality ingredients to offer authentic products
that will enhance your everyday meals.

Step 1

We carefully select
our nuts, seeds and fruits

There are two principles that we always
keep in mind when we make our selection.
-first we care for the origin. We are committed to exclusively sourcing ethical nuts, seeds and fruits.
-Second, we select only the premium quality of nuts, seeds and fruit. So we regurlalay conduct blind taste tests,
send samples to certified laboratories for analysis and remove any non-compliant products.

Did you know?

To recognize high quality oil, look at it!

High quality virgin oil has a bright colour and reflects light, exactly like fresh fish! Oil with a heavy and viscous mouthfeel means that it is refined or too old, that nuts are of poor quality or oil has been overheated during process.
This is why our specialty oils do not undergo any chemical treatment, refining and overheating.

Step 2

We offer a unique expertise
in producing
Premium quality virgin oils

To preserve their flavors and nutritional contents, our nuts and seeds are not roasted but gently steam-heated prior pressing.
Thanks to this artisanal care, we are able to produce the purest, finest and most authentic virgin oils.

Step 3

We create
exquisite blends

of fruits and spices for our vinegars

Free of artificial flavours, additives and preservatives,
our pulp fruit vinegars are harmonious blends of premium quality. The high content of fruit pulp
makes them unique and tasty with a handsome
balance between fruits and spices.

Did you know?

Virgin oils offer many health benefits. Their perfect balance of fatty acids –Omega 3 and 6 – protects your body.

Most virgin oils provide very little unhealthy saturated fat, but they contain a high level of unsaturated fatty acids, essential to a healthy diet. Among them are famous polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which the body cannot synthesize.

Step 4

A keyword :

We are committed to providing products
of uncompromising quality.
Whatever the idea, project or action, we place quality
at the very core of our business philosophy. Quality has absolutely no compromise. It is our guide….