Our story so far…

Our Story so Far...
« The greatest emotions come from passionate people »
A team of passionate people
The founder


With Corsican blood running in her veins, she has a strong character and orchestrates our young and dynamic team with enthusiasm – don’t remember her that she is the oldest one as you don’t know how she will react… Crazy about meeting and sharing with new cultures, she is a tireless globetrotter. Passionate about martial arts, she knows how to keep a Zen attitude (almost!) with all situations.

Production Manager


She is our expert in production and the keeper of our trade secrets. Everyday, her lovely smile radiates around the mill. But when it comes to technical hitches, her good mood may fade away, especially if the repairman treats her like a newbie… A touch tricky, she is also a chocoholic who says no to rehab.

Assistant Production Manager


Happy gourmet, he is always ready to cook you a very nice meal, he gets a treat to die for : top a thin shortbread with few strawberries, a spoon of double cream, drops of pistachio virgin oil and Kalamansi vinegar and get a unique, flavoursome strawberry tartlet ! As he is the only man around the company, we get used to rest on his sturdy shoulders when it comes to heavy loads.

Sales and Marketing Development
Once Upon a Time Libeluile...

Poucette’ was the mother of Armelle, Libeluile’s leading spirit.

She was a passionate home chef, who one day could improvise dinner for 12, and the next grow gorgeous vegetables in her kitchen garden. She left Armelle the most beautiful taste and smell memories dating back to childhood, when family and friends gathered happily around steaming, delectable dishes. She passed on her passion that you find in our colourful bottles today.

Le Moulin de Vernessin

A unique production site located in the heart of the Bresse, a famous region for its gastronomy.

A place which allowed the founder, Armelle, to create her unique process of making oils. Without roasting seeds and dried fruits, the true taste of ingredients is preserved.

Add a creative twist to simple cooking

Try our Premium quality virgin oils and delicious pulp fruit vinegars to delight your palate and add a colourful touch to your dishes.

Have fun when creating simple or sophisticated blends. Explore wholesome flavours created for you and infuse a little adventure in your everyday home cooking.

Add variety to your cooking

With our oils and vinegars, your imagination will run wild. You will explore the tastes and nuances of ingredients from the finest growing regions in the world, carefully harvested to preserve their high quality. Delicate and elegant, our oils and vinegars will enhance your culinary creations. From appetizer to dessert, variations are endless.

Let your senses be your guide and enjoy creating new aromas, unique scents and surprising textures.

Une identité adaptée à son époque et ses consommateurs